Metal Free Restorations
Direct tooth colored fillings

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings,
work well in small- to mid-size fillings that
need to hold up to the pressure of the
constant stress of chewing. They can be used
on either front or back teeth. They are a
good choice for people who prefer that their
fillings look more a natural tooth.  
Composites can be more expensive than
silver fillings, and occasionally are not
covered by some insurance plans.
Realistically, no dental filling lasts forever. It
generally takes longer to place a composite
filling than it does for a metal filling. That’s
because composite fillings require the tooth
be kept clean and dry while the cavity is
being filled. Tooth-colored fillings are now
used more often than amalgam or gold
fillings, probably due to cosmetics. In a world
focused on a white, bright smile, people tend
to want fillings that blend in with the natural
color of their teeth.
Ultimately, the best dental filling is no filling
at all. Prevention is out primary goal. You
can decrease your risk of cavities and other
dental issues by:
•brushing your teeth twice a day with
fluoride toothpaste
•flossing daily
•eating a balanced diet
•visiting the dentist regularly.
Dental Implants feel so natural and
look so good, you just may forget you ever lost
a tooth!

Dental implants are becoming an important
part of our dental practice. They are a
conservative way to do many things that
couldn't be done otherwise. You may want to
consider dental implants if you have:
•one or more teeth missing and desire teeth
that stay in your mouth like caps or crowns.
•a denture or think your teeth are hopeless; an
implant retained denture can be made which
is fixed into place.
•a denture which does not stay in place while
you eat or speak; then implants can be placed
so that they snap into place.

Benefits of Dental Implants:
•Dental implants function and feel like natural
teeth, allowing you to eat and speak
•Dental implants can be restored to look like
natural teeth so that you can smile with
•Dental implants help maintain the bone
structure of the jaw and face, preventing
premature aging associated with tooth and
bone loss.
•Dental implants firmly and securely support
various forms of  dentistry, eliminating the
need for bulky, plastic dentures and denture
•Dental implants will usually last a lifetime.
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CEREC Crowns

All Porcelain (Metal-free) crowns
completed in one visit.

Got 2 hours? Get a crown!
CEREC is the epitome of Modern Dentistry.
It means that in just 2 hours you can have a
crown! There are no temporaries and no need
for a
second visit. It's a precise fit. CEREC is, in
many cases, more conservative (less drilling)
and delivers long lasting, natural looking
crowns in a snap.
You can say goodbye to gooey impressions,
touchy temporaries, and ill-fitting crowns
because CEREC uses digital imaging so you
get a precise fit without all the mess.
The crown is natural looking, because it is
made of tooth-colored ceramic. Its
metal-free with no silver fillings to discolor
your smile!  It allows us to be extremely
precise and save more of the healthy part of
your tooth.
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Do you have Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer claims one life every hour in the
US. Alarmingly, more than 25% of oral cancer
victims have no identifiable risk factors. Also,
we now know that the human papilloma virus,
known as HPV, the same virus that causes
cervical cancer, has been determined to cause
oral cancer.
Because early detection is the key to
successful outcomes, our office has
incorporated ViziLite Plus, a technology
cleared by the FDA, into our preventative
examination routine, to ensure that you
receive the most comprehensive oral cancer
screening possible.
ViziLite Plus is a simple, painless and
non-invasive technology that improves our
doctor's ability to visualize, mark, evaluate and
monitor suspicious areas at their earliest
stages, before they can progress to something
far more serious, and potentially
life-threatening. ViziLite Plus helps our doctor
see what he/she can't see with the unaided
LakeView Family Dental offers our patients
comprehensive oral cancer exams with
ViziLite Plus, the most advanced technology
for the early detection of oral abnormalities,
including pre-cancerous lesions and oral
cancer. By performing annual ViziLite Plus
exams in conjunction with a conventional
head and neck examination, we provide our
patients with the most comprehensive oral
cancer screening program available.
Digital X-rays

The digital dental X-ray system is more
sensitive than dental X-ray film systems, so
your exposure to X-rays is reduced by as
much as 90 percent. The large, color
enhanced images let you see what your
dentist sees, so it's easier for you to
understand how our doctors will treat your
teeth. Used photo chemicals and film are not
polluting the environment. Your dental
checkups take less time, and it's fun to
watch this system work!
Most patients are amazed.
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