Testimonial 1

"What a great office! I recently had to switch dentists because my previous no
longer participated with my insurance (Delta). The front staff was friendly.
The office itself was very clean and new looking. They got me right in, took
x-rays and cleaned my teeth. When the doctor came in, he sat down and
talked with me for a few minutes. It felt as though he was interested in
making me comfortable and getting to know me as well as taking care of my
teeth. I've been to places where the dentist rushes in doesn't even take off his
mask to say hello and gets right to work, rushing out again. It was not like that
there. I did have to have a cavity filled and I appreciated the fact that they
went over the costs/co-pays with me first. Overall it was a great experience
and I would tell anyone to go there!"  A. S.
We appreciate all comments from our patients.
We enjoy the nice ones the most!
Thank you for your wonderful words.
Testimonial 2

"I hadn't been to the dentist in a long time and was dreading the usual lecture
that you get when you know you haven't been doing what you should. I was
completley relieved when I found out that LakeView Family Dental  wasn't
about lecturing me, but helping me.  The dentist did a wonderful job and was
very understanding and a pleasure to be around.  The doctor spoke like a
normal person and was able to not only help my broken tooth, and also put
my mind at ease. I won't go anywhere else, this is my dentist of choice."  by F. L.
Testimonial 3

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent quality
of care you always provide and for cheerfully accommodating my needs. This
week, finals week has been stressful and the extra stress of dealing with a
toothache was something I was not ready to handle just yet.  Not only did you
accommodate my schedule, but gave me the proper medication so that I
could sleep and focus on my studies.  Thank you and I'll see you at my 6 month
cleaning."  I. G.
LakeView Family Dental

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